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HHS-Healthy Healing Yoga

HHS – Helping Hand Society was established to educate and provide service related to  health to poor and needy, actively participated raising food, cloths, medicines and food items to flood relief victims, HHS conducts yoga training at old age homes and orphanages.

HHS-Healthy Healing Yoga was formed by a group of eminent doctors and Yoga Trainer to promote healthy and blissful living. HHS – Yoga provides daily Yoga classes conducted by the Certified Yoga Trainer K.V.Reddy having 15+ years of experience, trained 1500+ students. The Yoga Trainer K.V.Reddy also takes special classes for Prenatal Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for Senior Citizens, Yoga Teacher Training Classes.

Dr.Ramchandra Reddy
Dr.Rajashekar Reddy
Dr.K.Rajashekar Reddy

In today’s busy life style, people tend to ignore their health due heavy work schedule due to which they are prone to various diseases like stress, anxiety, diabetes, High Blood pressure and other ailments. as the job demands continuous sitting or due to travelling we are prone to ailments like Cervical Spondylosis , Back pain, neck pains, to relieve from all these pains we need a exercise which not only provide fitness to our body but also relaxes our mind, Yoga is the only exercise which gives body fitness and brings relaxation in mind, Yoga is a combination of Body Mind and Soul, Asanas brings flexibility in the body and makes the body fit where as Pranayama a breathing exercise Relaxes the mind and brings the higher state of awareness, Meditation helps in leading a blissful life.