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HHS-Healthy Healing Yoga

HHS – Helping Hand Society was established to educate and provide service related to  health to poor and needy, actively participated raising food, cloths, medicines and food items to flood relief victims, HHS conducts yoga training at old age homes and orphanages.

HHS-Healthy Healing Yoga was formed by a group of eminent doctors and Yoga Trainer to promote healthy and blissful living. HHS – Yoga provides daily Yoga classes conducted by the Certified Yoga Trainer K.V.Reddy having 15+ years of experience, trained 1500+ students. The Yoga Trainer K.V.Reddy also takes special classes for Prenatal Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for Senior Citizens, Yoga Teacher Training Classes.

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Dr.K.Rajashekar Reddy

In today’s busy life style, people tend to ignore their health due heavy work schedule due to which they are prone to various diseases like stress, anxiety, diabetes, High Blood pressure and other ailments. as the job demands continuous sitting or due to travelling we are prone to ailments like Cervical Spondylosis , Back pain, neck pains, to relieve from all these pains we need a exercise which not only provide fitness to our body but also relaxes our mind, Yoga is the only exercise which gives body fitness and brings relaxation in mind, Yoga is a combination of Body Mind and Soul, Asanas brings flexibility in the body and makes the body fit where as Pranayama a breathing exercise Relaxes the mind and brings the higher state of awareness, Meditation helps in leading a blissful life.


What is yoga ?

The word Yoga is derived from the ancient Indian philosophy. Yoga is a combination of Body, Mind and Soul, Yoga Asanas are  Physical Postures , Pranayama the Breathing  technique and Dhyana the Mediation.

Yoga and its Benefits ?

  • Yoga brings flexibility in the body,

    HHS - Yoga
    yoga Trainer
  • Yoga improves the control of mind
  • Yoga improves the balance
  • Yoga improves the stamina

Mental Yoga benefits?

  • Yoga Reduces stress
  • Yoga Improves self confidence
  • Yoga Relaxation in the mind
  • Yoga Promotes better sleep

Different Types of Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Hot Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga

What Yoga can Cures

Yoga can be benefit in curing or giving relief for various ailments


Researches say Yoga can be beneficial for Diabetes brings Diabetes Under control


Yoga can cure Blood pressure by regular Practice of Pranayama and Meditation

Lower Back Pain

for working professionals Lower back pain has become the major chronic disease as the work demands continuous sitting, regular practice of YOGA Asanas and Pranayama relieves the Lower back pain.


severe joint pains can be cured by Yoga asanas and Pranayama

There are  various other disease which Yoga can cure

  • Liver Problems
  • Migraine
  • Thyroid
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Indigestion
  • Insomnia
  • Kidney Disorders
  • Menstrual Disorders
  • Obesity
  • Sciatica
  • Sexual Disability

Skin Diseases

People suffer from skin allergies Pranayam and yogic techniques helps in cure skin allergies naturally

Yoga for Various Age groups

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

  • The Yoga asana’s strengthens the muscles in the body
  • Provides relaxation
  • Yoga develops awareness of body mind and soul
  • Improves the concentration
  • The imagination power increases
  • Yoga increases the creativity
  • Encourages healthy food habits

Yoga Teacher Training Course

HHS - Healthy Healing Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga Teacher Training

HHS-Yoga registered with recognised institutions and University which offers Yoga Teacher Training courses. HHS Yoga offers flexible mode of Teacher Training Courses depending upon the students requirement.

The intensive Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) offered by HHS-Yoga is one of the Best Yoga Teacher Training Course and affordable Teacher Training Courses in Hyderabad.

HHS Yoga Teacher Training Program highlights

Teacher Training Course becomes unique with its Customized methodology of Training and Course Material

The Teacher Training Course deals with Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation Techniques, Spiritual Healing Techniques, Yoga Teaching Methodology based on ailments

 The Teacher Training Course helps in understanding the Yoga Techniques used for various ailments like   

  •       Weight Loss
  •           Back Problems
  •       Cervical Spondylosis
  •       Heart Problems
  •       Hypertension
  •       Diabetes
  •       Stress Anxiety etc….

Yoga  Pranayama  teaches the breathing  techniques and their procedure of using prana shakthi the life force which helps in healing the ailments

Meditation techniques the TTC Program teaches you the different Meditation techniques which works on the 7 Chakras. 

        Yoga Teacher Training include the Method of Mantra Healing, How to use different mantras for healing the body and mind .

       Yoga Teacher Training also includes the methods of Mudras, Bandhas and the Kriyas/ The Cleansing Techniques

        HHS Yoga offers students with real-time teaching exposure, opportunities to teach personal Training


Teacher Training Courses @ HHS Yoga

100 Hours/ 1 Month Teacher Training Course  (TTC)

200 Hours/ 2 Months Teacher Training Course (TTC)

Introducing Weekend Teacher Training Course (TTC)


The Teacher Training Course (TTC) at HHS Yoga Will be the foundation for a Healthy and Wealthy Life

Teacher Training Course at HHS-Yoga will give a unique experience

Yoga Teacher Training Course
Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • Geopathic Stress



Meditation is a technique to control the thoughts and bring the mind to a thoughtless state, this thoughtless state of mind promotes happiness, peace and joy in ones life 

According to the Researches it is also said these meditation relaxation can also be benefits on the Nervous System

Meditation helps in Controlling blood pressure

Meditation helps in Deep relaxationHHS-YOGA

Meditation reducing anxiety

Meditation Improved blood circulation

Meditation helps in Slower respiratory rate

More feelings of well-being

Meditation reduces stress

Meditation Lower blood cortisol levels

Meditation Lower heart rate



There are different Meditation Techniques 

Breathing Meditation

Soft Music Meditation

Mantra Meditation

Chakra Balancing Mediation

and many more……..

These Meditation technique works on Mind and the 7 chakras of our body.




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